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NASCAR All-Star Race | Fight Breakdown

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 The 2024 NASCAR All-Star race got more media attention than a lot of All-Star races in the past but none of the media attention is for the race itself. It’s safe to say Ricky Stenhouse Jr saved the NASCAR All-Star race this year. Brake Hard is here to break down everything that happened in the All-Star fight.

  • Ricky Stenhouse Jr put Kyle Busch three wide on the opening lap of the NASCAR All-Star race and as a response to this, Kyle Busch put Stenhouse into the wall head first. Do you think Stenhouse was in the wrong for what he did?
  • Unfortunately, after the wreck Ricky Stenhouse had to stick around after the race because there were no tunnels, bridges, or any other way to exit the race track. If there was a tunnel would this fight have happened?
  • It’s safe to say that this was the most entertaining part about the NASCAR All-Star race, but things still occurred that NASCAR frowned upon like Ricky Stenhouse Jr‘s dad getting involved in a fight. Do you think NASCAR will give out any fines for this? 

Who do you think won the fight? Would your dad jump into a fight for you? Let Brake Hard know all of your thoughts and questions in the comment section. 

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