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Go Big Or Go Home: Josh Williams Achieves Legendary Status In Atlanta

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Article Contents

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Picture of Cody Williams

Cody Williams

Cody Williams is the author of BUNNY BOY and THE FIFTH LINE. He lives near Bristol, TN.
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Josh Williams Exits The Race in Awesome Fashion, Leaving His Car Stalled At The Start/Finish Line After Being Told To "Park It".

What’s Happening?

In a down-right crazy turn of events, driver of the No. 92 Camaro, Josh Williams, parked at the start/finish line, got out of his car, and left the racetrack.

This defiant course of action came after NASCAR told Williams to come to the garage after a piece came off of his damaged Camaro and caused yet another caution in a caution-riddled race.

You Need To Know:

  • NASCAR telling Josh Williams to part his No. 92 Chevy was due to him causing a debris caution. In response, Williams pulled his car to a complete stop at the start-finish line, got out, and exited the track.
  • In response to Williams’ behavior at Atlanta, NASCAR ordered the driver, owner, and crew chief to the NASCAR hauler in the infield. It is without question that there will be a much harsher penalty for this defiant action as Williams not only got out of his vehicle while still on the racing surface with no safety crews around also left the car there. No doubt Williams violated several safety rules with his actions today.
  • While NASCAR may have a lot of things to say to Josh Williams about his actions today and his entire team, the fans online can’t get enough of it, many of them considering him now a legend. Fans were already irritated by the number of cautions in the race. Josh Williams sticking it to NASCAR like this seems to have won them over.

Here, you can see Josh Williams walking for the infield care center after leaving his No. 92 Chevy on the racing surface. He waives to a sea of cheering fans.

The Main Character

Jordan Bianchi reported on some of Josh Williams’ frustrations as he spoke over the radio to his crew chief.

As per Bob Pockrass of FOX Sports, here is the exact rule Josh Williams found himself in violation of prior to tapping out of the Xfinity race at Hotlanta.

After getting behind the wall, a fly on that aforementioned wall in Noah Lewis caught this footage of Josh Williams.

Around The Garage

DGM Racing, the team which owns the No. 92 of Josh Williams, took to Twitter after the event. The social admin could not believe it!

NASCAR Cup Star, Denney Hamlin offered to pay Williams’ fine…

In The Stands

Ryan Pastrana on Twitter confessed his love for NASCAR’s latest bad boy.

Paige complains that the Xfinity race is “boring”…can’t say that with the Josh fiasco. That might just be the most entertaining event all race.

Black Mamba shutters to thing of the repercussions for Josh Williams in the coming week.

Spotter for Ryan Blaney, Josh Williams, hopes NASCAR gets everything straight with the paperwork.

Kenny asks Denny to bring Josh on the next Actions Detrimental this week…

On Your Screen

Perhaps nobody had more fun on Twitter with this than the various YouTube stars who cover NASCAR. Darian of Black Flags Matter couldn’t believe it.

The Iceberg himself had this to say.

Frontstretch claims that Josh has reached legendary status.

DennyDelivers compares it to KFB at Darlington.

While finding this amusing, Eric warns of a Josh Williams suspension.

From The Pressbox

If anyone did have more fun with this on Twitter than the YouTubers, it has to be the journalists and writers who cover NASCAR. Here, Jim Utter announces that the driver, owner, and crew chief were all called to the NASCAR Haulter following Josh’s stunt.

In spite of almost certain suspension, Josh had Matthew Burroughs on the floor with this.

Brett Winningham breaks down exactly what caused this little incident.

Jayski reports that Josh did, indeed, go to the care center.

Jeff Gluck comments on this EPIC moment!

Matthew Burroughs responds to himself, stating nobody can “out petty” NASCAR!

Jerry Jordan suggests that someone start a GoFundMe for Josh Williams…

Kelly Crandall comments on all the behavior issues from this last week.

Cathy Brown points out the very overlooked point that NASCAR didn’t specify where Williams needed to “park it”.

NASCAR on Reddit show images of the No. 92 after being brought behind the wall.

This has to be among some of the craziest stuff we at the Daily Downforce have ever seen. It certainly got fans on Twitter talking about something else rather than the abundance of cautions.

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Picture of Cody Williams

Cody Williams

Cody Williams is the author of BUNNY BOY and THE FIFTH LINE. He lives near Bristol, TN.
All Posts