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Fans React: Should Homestead Host NASCAR’s Championship Weekend?

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Should NASCAR move its finale back to Homestead Miami Speedway? We begged the question and the fans answered.

This week on X (formally known as Twitter), our Daily Downforce crew begged the question: Should NASCAR move its championship weekend back to the longest-tenured track for the season finale, Homestead Miami Speedway? The South Florida track is a popular site amongst fans but some had other interesting ideas. Let’s take a look at some of the suggestions.

Yes, Bring the Finale Back to Homestead

Bringing the finale back to Homestead Miami is pretty much the default position. Honestly, it’s one of the best mile-and-a-half tracks on the schedule and is sort of shaped like old Atlanta before the reconfiguration back in the late ’90s. It’s also NASCAR’s longest-tenured host of the finale, having hosted the NASCAR championship weekend from 2002 through 2019.

The racing has always been top-notch and it’s one of the finest tracks on the NASCAR schedule in terms of racing product.

Carson wants the finale to return to the South Florida track…maybe, partly, because it’s around his neck of the woods. But biased or not, I still think it’s a solid suggestion.

Family Man (aka, Dave) doesn’t think NASCAR should have ever stripped the finale away from Homestead.

Charles yearns for the old…or maybe middle-era Atlanta track. Originally, Atlanta was shaped a lot like Homestead is today and has hosted the season finale the second most times behind Miami. But, with Atlanta now being a drafting track, he takes that off the table which is wise. So, with that, he believes the track should return as the series finale and it should be a 500-mile race to decide the champion.

Robert wants the finale back at Homestead only if it gets a repave. Yeah, the weather down there is really harsh on the racing surface. Maybe the track could stand to be repaved.

Bob E wants the finale back at Homestead due to the aesthetic beauty of the facility…and the fact that it might attract some of the snowbirds moving away from the harsh winter months.

No, The Finale Should Be Held In Rotation

This is perhaps the most popular opinion amongst fans. Like the Super Bowl in the NFL, it makes sense for the championship finale to be held on rotation. Miami can be a part of that rotation along with many other mile-and-a-half tracks. It just needs to be in a warm climate, like the Superbowl is every year.

Terrance advocates a rotating venue for the sake of variety when crowning our champion.

William Davis wants to shy away from Homestead due to the fact that it only benefits drivers who can rim ride, which is a very niche skill set. He suggests moving the race to Bristol, Kansas, or Charlotte on rotation.

Chris Laub also prefers a cycle of tracks.

Barry Gadbois agrees.

Matt Myftiu wants a cycle of championship venues, especially in this winner-take-all format.

Davey Wilkerson not only wants a rotation of tracks but also lists out his ideal rotation. Remove Atlanta, Talladega, and Daytona and a lot of fans could get down with this list. The championship finale is no place for a wildcard.

No, Keep It At Phoenix

A minority of fans want the finale to continue to be hosted by Phoenix. I disagree with this one completely. If they want to include Phoenix in a rotation with other tracks, I’d be okay with that. But, with the struggles our current short-track package has, I don’t think Phoenix is a good fit.

MaryK2Happy wants the finale to be at Phoenix due to weather concerns. That’s a fair argument but Miami never had that much to worry about when it hosted the finale, either.

Colin says that Homestead’s racing product is significantly worse than that of Phoenix’s. We can agree to disagree there.

Other Suggestions

Some fans had some pretty interesting off-the-wall (no pun intended) suggestions.

fj enjoyed it when the finale was held at Riverside and would be interested in a road course coming back to host.

Evan Thorpe suggests taking it back to Atlanta. There is some talk about reconfiguring Texas. Rather than turning it into a superspeedway like Atlanta, why don’t they just turn it into a mile-and-a-half like Atlanta used to be before the reconfiguration in the ’90s?

Michael Waddell argues that the schedule as it is currently is far too long. He suggests shorting the season by 10 weeks and letting Darlington host the finale.

Maybe jokingly, Denis suggests moving it to Bristol Dirt. R.I.P., Bristol Dirt!

Tyler thinks that Homestead is the worst 1.5-mile track on the schedule. He has every right to be wrong. He argues that the track should either be destroyed or be turned back into a baby Brickyard per its original configuration. That, or they use the road course in Mami. I assume he means the one F1 uses?

Demon suggests ‘Dega. Nope. Nope. Nope.

What do you think about these suggestions, Daily Downforce readers? Did you find any of them particularly enticing? Let us know what you’re thinking and keep it right here at for all your latest news stories and fan discussions in the world of the best sport in the world, NASCAR!

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