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Out of the Groove on The Daily Downforce

Early-Season Overreactions

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Eric Estepp

The #1 NASCAR content creator on YouTube, Eric Estepp hosts Out of the Groove, a daily talk show covering news and trending topics in the NASCAR fan community.

What’s Happening?

The NASCAR Cup Series just completed their first “Real” race of the season according to Eric. That means it is time for some overreactions, which Eric discusses in his most recent video.

  • There is a MAJOR gap between the top two and the bottom two Hendrick Motorsports teams. This was the same story in 2023, but, will it continue?
  • Ford and Toyota brought in new car bodies for 2024. According to Eric, there is one car that is clearly better than the other.
  • RFK Racing had a difficult day today as well. Is it time for RFK Racing fans to panic?
  • Eric runs through the top finishers and which major stories to watch out for. He also puts this race on the Groovy Gauge presented by Lectric eBikes.

Which of these overreactions are actually “overreactions”? Let Eric know in the comments, and be sure to subscribe for the latest NASCAR news and race reviews from every weekend.

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