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Next Gen Creators Podcast

DJ Yee-J, The World of iRacing from a YouTube Nerd

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DJ Yee-J has carved out a nice niche within the iRacing community on NASCAR YouTube. From guide videos on iRacing to documentary-style videos on incredible iRacing stories, he’s done it all by learning how YouTube works and using that knowledge to put together compelling content despite admitting his own limitations.

  • DJ Yee-J started content creation only a couple of years ago. However, he has been on iRacing for more than a decade. His time and accomplishments in iRacing gave him the platform to start a channel surrounding iRacing. This content includes guides and some documentary-style video essays.
  • While admitting he doesn’t have the same video editing skills some YouTubers possess, DJ Yee-J elects to work smarter, not harder. He learned how the YouTube algorithm works and employed many of those concepts in his videos. He learned this by analyzing his habits on the platform and why he watched the videos he did.
  • He also discusses iRacing itself. From the platform, to some of his hopes for the NASCAR video game that iRacing is working on.

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