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Dale Jr Talks NASCAR Cup Series Ownership

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That guy you’ve seen on TikTok talking about cars going right and sometimes left.

It’s been a few weeks since this happened, but Dale Junior has uttered the word ownership on his podcast, and now the entire world has blown up, hoping to see Dale Jr own a team. Matt from Brake Hard explains the likelihood of this. also, Front Row has finally filled one of their open seats.

  • Dale Jr. has been flirting with ownership for the last few years now, and it has relentlessly teased NASCAR fans to no end. However, with charters being cheaper than they’ve ever been and potentially ever will be, it’s safe to say that if there were any new owners, this would be a good chance for them to get in, especially with three charters confirmed to be on the market. Do you think Dale Jr. will own a team within the next five years?
  • Todd Gilliland has shown steady improvement over his time in the Cup Series, but with Michael McDowell leaving Front Row Motorsports, it’s time for him to step up to the plate. Do you think he has the ability to lead a NASCAR team? 
  • Even though Front Row Motorsports has re-signed Todd Gilliland, there are still two open charters for their team. What drivers do you think will fill these seats? 

Do you think Todd Gilliland was a good signing? How bad do you want to see Dale Jr as an owner in the NASCAR Cup Series? Let Brake Hard know all of your thoughts and questions in the comment section.

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