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Daily Downforce Readers Show Off Their NASCAR Collections

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Picture of Cody Williams

Cody Williams

Cody Williams is the author of BUNNY BOY and THE FIFTH LINE. He lives near Bristol, TN.
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Growing up, one of my favorite shows to watch came on Friday nights after a full day of practice and qualifying on-track activities had ceased for the day. The show was For Race Fans Only and it aired on QVC. I have fond memories watching the show with my dad and eating Cocoa Pebbles with chocolate milk. Anyway, one thing that I absolutely loved about the show was the various diecast car displays. They were always so shiny and polished looking.

On Friday, our social media gurus here at the Daily Downforce took to Twitter for #FlexFriday, asking readers to show off their NASCAR memorabilia collection. And, as per the usual to our valued readers, you all did not disappoint. Here are just some of the best collections our fans posted on Friday.

In The Stands

Jay Matthew shows off his adorable kitty cat AND this awesome racing collection! There are dragsters, dirt midgets, and, of course, NASCAR diecasts dating back to the pioneer era all the way through the modern day. Totally amazing!

Tyler McLain shows off the ultimate man cave! Just look at this! Wouldn’t it be awesome to watch a race, knock back a couple of Buds and then play pool in this room!?

Joshua Boston, I used to have one of those flag displays back in the day. I need to get another one next time NASCAR comes to Bristol. That collection, though, is really cool. Dale Jarrett’s No. 44 UPS car for MWR is one of my all-time favorite paint schemes.

That is some awesome decor, Jeremy J Alberti! Some of these cars I have as well…particularly the Dale Jr., Jeff Gordon, and Jimmie Johnson 1:64s.

Holy frijoles, that left picture looks like a quilt! AND it’s outdated? Jeez! Awesome collection, RESTORE THE FAIRGROUNDS…and I dig your cause, too!

Lots of Kevin Harvick cars in a rotating case from RacekorStuff. #4Ever, my friend!

To have a collection this big, Chris Pedraza, makes me envious. The fact that all are signed in person sends me over the moon jealous.

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen! A custom-made diecast display table!? Awesome! I really dig that Josh Berry Dale Jr. throwback.

I recall some diecasts like the bottom Harvick Reese’s one featured on For Race Fans Only. I’ve always loved that bronze/chrome style metal. Awesome collection, AlecTheFlexer!

Micah is a Petty fan through and through! I have Kyle’s No. 44 Hot Wheels car somewhere as well as his No. 42 Mello Yello car. I wish I had an Adam Petty car, though. That’d be too cool.

A little bit of everything from this Denny Hamlin fan. I really like the truck diecasts.

Yes, PayDay, #4Ever! Really cool find with the Shell decklid!

Pauly C, awesome collection. That No. 48 Richard Petty/Dale Earnhardt throwback is one of my all-time favorite schemes.

Some cool autographed hats and diecasts from Mickey Logano. But don’t let the name fool ya, he is a proud Chase Elliott fan, hence the No. 9 Championship flag.

Ooo! Let at this rad lit up collection from Alexk5705! I really want to string some lights up in my office now!

Gray Bowyer is certainly a Kyle Larson fan. His collection gives him away. But look at that GROOVY lit up nose hanging on the wall! So cool!

One of my fellow Earnhardt fans! Awesome collection, bro! My favorites here are the No. 3 late model and the 2004 Oreo car Jr. won with in Daytona.

Mac is another Earnhardt fan! Awesome! And look at those IROC Cars! I used to have a No. 1 IROC car featuring Earnhardt back in the day. It’s at my dad’s somewhere, I’m sure.

Graham Otto, this HAS TO BE one of the classiest setups I’ve ever seen!

This looks like a For Race Fans Only retail store. But I’m sure nothing is for sale with Conor.

Okay, I couldn’t resist. These are just some of the diecasts I have in my office. On the top left, you have the Xfinity cars Dale Jr. has run the last several years as well as his Sun Drop late model and the Bass Pro Shops No. 88 that he will run at Homestead later this year…and a paper boat that Georgie played with in IT. On the top right, you have a William Byron, a Josh Berry, some Alex Bowman No. 88 cars, and some Chase Elliott Diecasts…and some Stephen King books. Bottom left is a Dale Jr. Fan Appreci88ion plaque. And bottom right some more diecasts atop my Dean Koontz bookshelf.

Thanks to all the fans who shared their awesome collections with us! Keep it right here for more fun NASCAR discussions and breaking news stories!

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Picture of Cody Williams

Cody Williams

Cody Williams is the author of BUNNY BOY and THE FIFTH LINE. He lives near Bristol, TN.
All Posts