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NASCAR is Keen on Staying With Fox and NBC…With a Potential Cord-Cutting Twist

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Rheem Block

Article Contents

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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Adam Stern reports that there is mutual interest between NASCAR, Fox, and NBC to remain partners past this season. However, Stern also reports that NASCAR is in talks with other digital platforms.

What’s Happening

With NASCAR’s TV deal with Fox and NBC set to expire at the end of 2023, Adam Stern reports progress is being made towards a deal. While Stern reports there is mutual interest for NASCAR to remain on Fox and NBC, he also says that NASCAR has begun talking with other companies for a potential alternate TV package.

  • With the new TV deal coming up and cord cutting on the rise, NASCAR has been rumored to be looking at streaming services for a while now. According to Sports Business Journal, NASCAR was pleased with how “Thursday Night Football” on Amazon Prime went, and that showed the executives that streaming services can handle larger audiences.
  • According to Stern, a likely scenario is a mid-summer package. A mid-summer type package in NASCAR broadcasting is not unprecedented. From 2007-2014, NASCAR had a 6 race summer package with TNT in-between the Fox and ESPN portions of the broadcast season.
  • This could potentially change how NASCAR is consumed. With the likes of the NFL on Amazon Prime, IndyCar and MLB on Peacock, MLS and MLB Apple TV, it seems like only a matter of time before NASCAR joins the fray. Fan reactions on Twitter are mixed.

The Main Characters

Adam Stern reports that it is likely that Fox and NBC remain with NASCAR past 2023.

Adam Stern also reports that NASCAR has begun talking with other companies after their exclusive negotiating window with Fox and NBC expired.

In the Stands

@ekylef on Twitter believes the new streaming package could appeal to a younger audience, but may be an issue for older fans.

Alan Gustafson Fans on Twitter says that moving to streaming could alienate members of fanbase, and make races harder to consume

@John59PA on Twitter is not surprised with streaming becoming more relevant.

@nwfisch on Twitter wants to see changes to the booth if Fox and NBC stay on.

Razors Edge on Twitter offers a hybrid solution with a commercial-free option

@wvwraith on Twitter believes NASCAR should be on Peacock exclusively.

rowdyfan on Twitter wants to see NASCAR go full streaming if they want to start streaming,

Kenny Fowler on Twitter is not happy with NASCARs move to streaming.

Around the Garage

In response to a fan on Twitter, Brian McMurphy of Stewart-Haas Racing is not thrilled with races being streamed exclusively.

It appears like it is not a matter of if but when NASCAR makes the move to streaming. It seems they will start slow, but it may be just the tip of the iceberg.

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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