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Yesterday, we asked the Daily Downforce readers whether or not Jimmie Johnson would win a race in 2024. Like always, the Daily Downforce readers came through, and these are some of the best reactions, along with the winner of a brand new Daily Downforce hat.

  • Jimmie Johnson is starting in 9 NASCAR Cup Series races in 2024. That is up from 3 in 2023, and many are wondering if he can win a race in 2024.
  • Johnson will race for Legacy Motor Club, which has a lot of positive momentum behind them heading into the season. With LMC getting better, can Johnson win a race?
  • The Daily Downforce readers gave their thoughts. Some believed he could win, others hoped he could win, and others were more skeptical. Be sure to scroll all the way down for the contest winner.

Yes, He Will or Could Win

Ruff Motorsports says it would not shock him if he wins, given LMC’s trajectory and te success Johnson has had at these race tracks.

Drew Halloran says that Johnson needs to become more aggressive to win races. If Johnson does so, he may win another race.

Chris traynham believes that both Kansas races are the two races that Johnson could find a way to win.

Raptio_7206 believes the two top candidates are Dover and Kansas. Many people believed that Dover could be the place Johnson could win.

Jones’s Strongest Soldier looks at Johnson’s 2023 Daytona 500 performance to say that the Daytona 500 is Johnson’s best opportunity.

No, He Will Not Win

Jeremy Waterbury gives Johnson a 0% chance, but, Daytona is his best shot.

Chad Paiva is not convinced.

German Kyle Busch believes it will be close but no cigar for Johnson.

Mike isn’t even giving Johnson a top-10.

A Hendrick fan gives Johnson a 0% chance.

The Winner: Josh (@raginOKCTHUNDER)

Congratulations Josh on winning the contest! We will be in contact with you to deliver your hat. As far as the tweet goes, three races that he has a chance to win? That is quite a bold prediction.

Thank you to everyone who commented on this post and who participated in the giveaway. Be on the lookout for more!

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