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Fans Give Their Thoughts on How to Improve the Next-Gen Car

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Last week, we took a look at 7 BOLD Ideas to improve the Next-Gen car. The Daily Downforce readers responded to it with their own ideas for how to fix the Next-Gen car, and, did they come up with some interesting ideas?

Thoughts on improving the Next-Gen car mainly talked about horsepower and tires, with a large emphasis on improving the product on short tracks and road courses. These are probably the most common ways that people give to improve the Next-Gen car. The racing product on short tracks and road courses have been a source of contention amongst many in the NASCAR fanbase.

Others just wanted to get rid of the Next-Gen car entirely. Some suggested going back to previous generations and others just wanted to start from scratch.

Others had more unique ideas to improve it. Whether or not these ideas are realistic or not is dependent on the idea, and some put these ideas in a lump with the more common ideas.

Change Horsepower and tires

Betwee2Busch’s wants a narrower tire and more horsepower amongst other things. Notably enough for him, he does not want to see them touch the body at all.

Lugnut wants more horsepower, but he has a unique plan for the tire situation.

I think Wes Weekly is asking for 550 horsepower and the cars to be bottoming out in every turn. Oh….wait a minute

Robbie Manes wants NASCAR to make a couple of additional changes while also increasing horsepower.

Jason wants NASCAR to make a plethora of changes to the car.

Fryguy wants to groove the tires in addition to increasing the horsepower.

RJ Ward says that the easiest way to get more horsepower is to get rid of the tapered spacer on road courses and short tracks.

Austen Stewart says “mo powa babeh”

Get Rid of the Car Entirely

Mike Holloway wants to completely start from scratch.

AP wants them to go back to the Gen-6 car, but keep it at 900 horsepower.

Kaleb L wants NASCAR to either go back to Gen-6 or go to the Xfinity cars in the Cup Series.

Derek wants to move the Xfinity cars up to Cup.

Joe Benoit wants to go back to the very specific year of 2012.

It’s safe to say that Rocket is not a fan of the car.

Unique Ideas

CARS Tour bodies on a NASCAR stock car?

Tyler wants them to just duplicate Garage 56. What types of things from Garage 56 will NASCAR take to the Next Gen cars for the future?

Thomas Neddo wants to see NASCAR do away with the spec part of the car.

Chris Cringel wants there to be less SMT data available to the teams to allow for more lap time variability.

Nelsonator762 says that the cars are too much in tire, aero, and size.

Imagine grooved tires like the old Formula One days.

The fans had a plethora of different ideas to improve the current state of the Next-Gen car. Which of these ideas can or will actually happen? One thing is for sure, change is probably coming at some point for the Next-Gen car.

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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