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7 BOLD Ideas for the Next NASCAR Video Game

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We talked about why NASCAR needs to break the mold with this next NASCAR game, and now, it is time to discuss the how. NASCAR needs to make this next game a success, and here are seven bold ideas for the next NASCAR video game. This is not about what we think will happen, more so looking at what NASCAR COULD potentially do with this next game.

1. Make It Partially Free to Play

In order to make the game at least somewhat more accessible to a casual audience, make the game partially free to play with some restrictions. Make the free-to-play version more than a demo, yet, not quite as valuable as the actual game. NASCAR can possibly allow people to play online on certain tracks for a free download.

Some of the restrictions could include no custom paint schemes in the free-to-play version and, as previously mentioned, a limited track selection. The single-player offline modes would also be exclusive to the full game. This allows some new fans to enjoy a NASCAR game, while also promoting the full game.

2. Revamped Online Mode

Online gameplay in NASCAR games has been very clunky in recent years. NASCAR 21: Ignition was a disaster as a game period, but the online gameplay needs to be modernized. There needs to be a simple quick-play option to allow players to just jump right into a race without waiting forever for a race to end.

Those who are looking to play online can choose options such as only racing on certain tracks, how long the races can be, and so on. The game needs to have an online mode that is easy to pick up and participate in, and the matchmaking has to be good enough to make sure new players are not getting crushed the entire time.

3. Include Classic Cars and Tracks

The Codemasters F1 games included this, and it was a neat feature. They allowed players to race in classic races featuring some of the classic Formula One cars, and, the driving models changed significantly depending on which car you drove. NASCAR should include something similar with both cars and tracks, and that should expand to online mode.

The different cars and tracks can either be unlocked by playing certain game modes either on or offline, while also being able to be bought using in-game currency. Everything in this game that includes being purchased will be purely aesthetic, and in-game performance will not be affected by which things are bought or earned. This discourages some of the aspects of “Ultimate Team” that many have gripes with.

4. Allow Players to Buy Custom Paint Schemes Made by Community Members

Forza Motorsport has a similar mode to this, and it would be a great way to develop the community. Some people can create their own paint schemes and allow those schemes to be sold in the game that others can buy using in-game currency. People could also option to put it on there for free download as well.

Those who create these incredible paint schemes on NASCAR video games could then develop their own followings just because of their paint scheme designs. Again, everything that could be bought would be purely aesthetic with nothing affecting in-game performance.

5. Include at Least One International NASCAR Racing Series

NASCAR’s International Series have never been featured in a NASCAR video game. Imagine having the NASCAR Pinty’s Series or the NASCAR Euro Series available in some form or fashion. This includes the tracks as well, and that could allow Cup Series or whatever series cars to run on these race tracks.

Having this in the game could allow it to reach a truly international audience. NASCAR is looking to expand globally, and including the other NASCAR series in the game from around the world could bring in some of those current and new fans.

6. Expand Cross-Play Ability

NASCAR 21: Ignition was Cross-Play in its online mode, but it did not go all the way. It only allowed PS5 players to play with PS4 players and XBOX Series X players to play with XBOX One players. NASCAR should allow for players to play each other across all platforms.

This would bring the community much closer together rather than just keeping either XBOX or PlayStation users on their own. This is part of how NASCAR develops the community surrounding the game.

7. A More Immersive Career Mode

The career mode can improve in immersion even beyond what the old NASCAR Thunder games have. One of the ways they can do that is to expand the race weekend. In Formula One games, each session has certain objectives that have to be reached in each practice session, and NASCAR games can ask for an objective in the one practice session you get per weekend.

It also would be great to add technical inspection. If you are a team owner, you can choose the option to use certain parts that are very close to the limit and risk them being out of inspection tolerances. This gives some immersion to the gamesmanship that can be often seen in NASCAR.

The next NASCAR video game needs to be a success, and including all of this in this game is probably unrealistic. However, they are ideas for where NASCAR can go with the next video game they make.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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